Rare: Letter from a mother who has just given the child for adoption

– 1990, archives Ashley M.Jacobs –

A joined picture to the letter
It is extremely rare that a « mother forgotten » (birth mother) leaves a farewell letter to her baby.
The document published here thanks to Ashley Jacobs and Ilona, her biological mom. This document has a historical value that exceeds the intimate lives of these two women, whom we thank.
Abandoning a child is an act often difficult to understand. We can not really understand what was the life of those, who had to separate from their child. What are the circumstances that led them to this difficult decision?
For many people, women who abandon their children are devoid of maternal instinct or human sensitivity. But does anyone really think that? Are not these people confronted with complex life choices?
Karina, on the left, daughter of Ashley,
here on the right, at the same age
7 months.

Ashley Jacobs was born June 19, 1990 in Craiova in Romania. At birth, she called Irina. 

She was 6 months old when his parents gave her to the adoption to a Canadian couple from Toronto. Despite a very happy childhood with her adoptive parents, she always felt the need to know who gave him life.
At 12 year old she began alone, by herself to research on the internet.
Only 10 years later, in 2012, that her adoptive parents give her a letter that was sent to them in Canada 22 years ago with the adoption file. It was written : « they please give this letter to their daughter when she was growing up. »
The envelope contained some photos and a handwritten letter dated 26 November 1990 : this meant that the letter was written three days after the adoptive mom of Ashley will be made at the home of her Romanian parents. The place which she left in taking Ashley, for the country was to become her own, Canada.

English translation of the Letter

« Our dearest daughter, Irina,


In the beginning of this letter we would like you to know that it is written by your mother and father, those parents that brought you to life and wished only the best for you. 
Irina, you as well as us, your parents, your grandparents and your siblings, we are all Romanian; you might wonder ‘if I am Romanian,